SuryaSoul at Shante Ishta 

 with SuryaSoul® Co-Founders Sabine & Philippe September 2019


SuryaSoul at Festival de Salud y Consciencia Alaró June 2019


SuryaSoul DanceOfSpirit May 2019

SuryaSoul DanceOfSpirit March 2019

SuryaSoul DanceOfSpirit January 2019

SuryaSoul in Shante Ishta, June 2018

SuryaSoul in Illetas with SuryaSoul Teachers from all around the World, May 2018

SuryaSoul Moon Rituals with Bettina and Martina at the Beach in Cala Xinxell, January 2018

SuryaSoul Co-teaching in Palma, January 2018, Dance your Anahata Chakra with Nicole, Bettina & Claudia

SuryaSoul® DanceOfSoma Teacher Training Mallorca, September 2017

SuryaSoul con Sabine y Philippe - 30 de sept 2017 en Binissalem 







SuryaSoul party  con Sabine y Philippe en Shante Ishta 1 de octubre 2017  

SuryaSoul with Bettina at the Beach

SuryaSoul with Claudia in Palma